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Michael Chaput has concentrated on assisting local businesses, both large and small, reach full potential.  This overarching goal always begins by listening to the client.  With sound business formation practices, well-considered and carefully drafted contract documents aimed at avoiding conflict down the road, and rock solid governance, Chaput provides what every business requires – a bedrock foundation from which your business opportunity can sustainably produce, mature and thrive. 


Attorney Chaput handles the varied types of business formation, to include partnerships, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, corporations and limited liability partnerships.  It is important at the outset to determine which formation suits your concern’s particular needs and which may be most beneficial from both a growth and protection perspective.  Mr. Chaput works with you to develop your corporate structure, deploy due diligence, provide valuable governance and avoid pitfalls.


Careful and early planning, communication and execution are cornerstones of good business practice and when employed properly, lead to the successful building of your company.  Whether you are involved in an early stage capital raise as a start-up or have been in business for many years and need some pointed advice, Mr. Chaput helps to develop your corporate structure, provide direction and ensure your interests are looked after.


If your company does find itself heading into or is already involved in a dispute, attorney Chaput will bring his professional experience in negotiation, litigation and clever, affable persistence to bear on the matter, advocating toward positive resolution. 



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