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If you are reading this, there is a good chance you have found yourself in some criminal trouble.  You may need to act quickly, but you just don’t know where to begin or what to do.  Let attorney Michael Chaput help you! The call is free and we are standing by to assist.

Mr. Chaput has been practicing criminal law since he started clerking for a highly successful criminal trial attorney back in 1992.  Since that time, he has concentrated his professional practice in the criminal arena and has worked on “both sides of the fence” – first as a defense attorney, then as a Monterey County Deputy District Attorney and now back working to defend individuals being investigated or having been charged with crimes.  This has provided attorney Chaput with rarified personal and professional experience and has afforded his work a subtle, uncommon perspective and keen insight into internal operations within the prosecutor’s office - one that most other attorneys just do not possess. Attorney Chaput uses this background and understanding to your benefit. He has years of experience defending both misdemeanor and felony offenses and will provide sound advice and strong, persistent advocation of your rights from criminal investigations and arrest, through to charges, pre-trial, trial and post trial matters, including appeals.

Mr. Chaput is in his element litigating in the courtroom – even when you are not.  Although most cases never go as far as a jury trial, attorney Chaput’s many years of experience has made him a formidable, uncompromising and talented trial attorney. 


Michael also understands that there can be an extremely important emotional element to any criminal charge and always makes his clients feel important and empowered.  He adheres to the ever more rare traditional view that attorneys are counselors, not just lawyers and business people.  He employs a unique approach, which both settles his clients and also makes them more involved and better advocates on their own behalf.  He makes every effort to be as available as possible – even if it’s just to listen.  This deep empathy for his people has built strong bonds of trust and ensured lifelong relationships.


As he tells his clients, “We will get through this together.”



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